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Our Snowmobile Cargo System is the safest and most convenient way to take your ice fishing gear or other trail riding stuff with you.

Same great system as Johnson's Cargo System, just rebranded :)

Snowmobile Cargo System

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Best Investment

"Best investment I've ever made to protect my ice fishing equipment."

-Jack Skaggs, a satisfied customer

Saves Time

"Last thing I want to do is waste time loading and unloading all my gear. My cargo system gives me more time out on the ice."

-Adam DeLand, a satisified customer

Never Fail You

"I go ice fishing every day with this thing in every type on winter weather such as 40 degrees to -30 degrees and this product has never failed me yet. I hope you guys make more cargo racks like this."

-Ethan, a satisfied customer


I love this rack!

-Satisfied customer

Extremely well built!

When my system came I was surprised by the craftmanship and quality of it! It's really amazing.


Why DIY when you can buy?

Making custom DIY rigs for your snowmobile takes time, energy, and money away from you doing what you love most -- being outdoors. We've put the engineering, thought, and time in so you don't have to - and we know you'll love it.
Plus we do custom rigs - so if you need something unique, just let us know and we can get it done.


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