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Snowmobile Outdoor Cargo System

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The Snowmobile Cargo System is designed for ICE FISHING and TRAIL RIDING enthusiasts. This is a powder-coated, MIG-welded steel frame cargo system complete with a detachable ice-auger rack, adjustable auger motor head support and buckle straps to protect your valuable machine. Virtually indestructible and can handle as much weight as your machine's suspension can support.

  • Easy 3 point installation
  • Can fit any type of snowmobile
  • Additional tow bar located underneath: able to tow a sled to an ice shanty

Additional Add-Ons (sold as seperate products):

  1. Quick Disconnect (+$24.99)
  2. Spud Holder Set (+$39.99)
  3. Fishing Pole Caddy (+$84.99)
  4. Set of 5 Gal. Bucket Holder (+$84.99)